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Valerie + Anthony (Endicott, NY wedding)

Meet Valerie + Anthony!

valerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-66P I NI M A G E

Valerie + Anthony were married at Our Lady of Good Counsel in Endicott, NY with a reception at the gorgeous Riverdale Venue in Endwell. (This was our second time at this venue and it didn’t disappoint! As always, Lisa does an amazing job organizing and running the show. We love working at this venue!) These are some of our most favorite shots from Valerie + Anthony’s big day.

valerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-2P I NI M A G E

Detail shots are some of my most favorite pictures to take. There is so much thought and time spent on making sure everything is just so and perfect for a wedding day.

valerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photographyP I NI M A G E

The stationary was done by Designs by Dee. I love the little fall leaf attached. valerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-3P I NI M A G Evalerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-4P I NI M A G Evalerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-5P I NI M A G E

Check out these gorgeous flowers! I could tell you without even looking that these are the work of C & A Event Planning. So beautiful! They smelled delicious too!valerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-6P I NI M A G Evalerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-7P I NI M A G Evalerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-8P I NI M A G Evalerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-9P I NI M A G Evalerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-10P I NI M A G Evalerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-11P I NI M A G Evalerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-12P I NI M A G Evalerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-13P I NI M A G Evalerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-17P I NI M A G E

Anthony had a gift hidden in the house for Valerie for the morning of their wedding. This message in a bottle idea was so sweet and thoughtful. valerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-18P I NI M A G Evalerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-19P I NI M A G Evalerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-20P I NI M A G Evalerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-87P I NI M A G Evalerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-88P I NI M A G E

While I was with the ladies, Brittni was at the Holiday Inn getting some pictures of the guys getting ready. valerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-90P I NI M A G E

I love it when fancy socks are involved! valerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-89P I NI M A G Evalerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-21P I NI M A G E

valerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-23P I NI M A G E

Valerie + Anthony had such a beautiful ceremony. Our Lady of Good Counsel is such a pretty church.valerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-24P I NI M A G Evalerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-27P I NI M A G Evalerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-25P I NI M A G Evalerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-26P I NI M A G Evalerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-28P I NI M A G E

After the ceremony, we were off to Cutler Garden’s for some pictures! We have had such a rainy summer that the bugs were thick and in everyone’s eyes but these guys were champs! I didn’t hear one complaint even though we were all being attacked. valerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-29P I NI M A G Evalerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-30P I NI M A G E

This little peanut stole the show. Obviously. Look how stinkin’ cute she is. valerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-31P I NI M A G Evalerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-91P I NI M A G Evalerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-32P I NI M A G Evalerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-33P I NI M A G Evalerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-34P I NI M A G Evalerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-93P I NI M A G Evalerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-35P I NI M A G Evalerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-92P I NI M A G Evalerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-36P I NI M A G Evalerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-37P I NI M A G Evalerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-38P I NI M A G Evalerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-39P I NI M A G Evalerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-40P I NI M A G Evalerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-41P I NI M A G Evalerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-42P I NI M A G Evalerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-43P I NI M A G E

During the time I was editing these, my Mom was staying with us because my significant other was in Taiwan for 10 days. She came into my office while I had this picture up on the screen and she gasped. “She looks just like a princess!” It’s the perfect way to describe Valerie. She looked absolutely regal in her wedding dress.
valerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-45P I NI M A G Evalerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-48P I NI M A G Evalerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-49P I NI M A G Evalerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-46P I NI M A G Evalerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-50P I NI M A G Evalerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-51P I NI M A G Evalerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-53P I NI M A G Evalerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-54P I NI M A G Evalerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-55P I NI M A G Evalerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-56P I NI M A G E

valerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-61P I NI M A G Evalerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-62P I NI M A G Evalerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-63P I NI M A G E

All the smooches!valerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-64P I NI M A G Evalerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-65P I NI M A G E

In case you’re wondering how I get these awesome angles. I’ll lay down on the ground in a dress. No problem. LOL If it means I get the shot that’s in my head, I’ll do it. Thanks for getting this Brittni! You’re a gem. valerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-95P I NI M A G Evalerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-66P I NI M A G Evalerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-67P I NI M A G Evalerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-68P I NI M A G Evalerie-anthony-binghamton-ny-wedding-riverdale-endwell-jen-pecka-photography-3P I NI M A G Evalerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-70P I NI M A G E

Candy apples are the perfect favor for a fall wedding.

valerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-71P I NI M A G E

Valerie + Anthony’s sweetheart table at the Riverdale. Did we mention we love this venue? We. Love. This. Venue!
valerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-72P I NI M A G Evalerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-73P I NI M A G E

I definitely tried one of these and I’m pretty sure my eyes rolled into the back of my head. These little chocolate cup things were scrumptious.valerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-74P I NI M A G Evalerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-75P I NI M A G Evalerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-76P I NI M A G E

The first dance as husband and wife. valerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-77P I NI M A G Evalerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-96P I NI M A G Evalerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-78P I NI M A G Evalerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-79P I NI M A G E

I HAD to include the parent dances. Anthony and his mom did a choreographed dance. It started out slow and then the whip and nae nae song came on. Yasssss! This needs to be more of a thing at weddings.

valerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-80P I NI M A G Evalerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-81P I NI M A G E

Valerie’s dance with her father had me tearing up. I love capturing these sweet moments.valerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-82P I NI M A G Evalerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-83P I NI M A G Evalerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-84P I NI M A G Evalerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-85P I NI M A G Evalerie-anthony-wedding-binghamton-riverdale-jen-pecka-photography-86P I NI M A G EWe had such an awesome time at Valerie + Anthony’s wedding! A huge thank you to all these vendors for helping to make their day so special. We had a great time working with all of you!

DJ: DJ Toby Varner –
Videography: SouthSixty –
Flowers: C&A Event Planning –
Caricatures: Jon Ed Bon Fed
Limo: Coachmaster
Cake: Gabriella’s Cakes –
Stationary: Deesigns by Dee
Dress: NY Bride in Syracuse, NY
Desserts: Family / homemade
Candy Apples: Cider Mill
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