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Roksolana + Danylo – Ukrainian wedding in Binghamton, NY

Guys! I am so excited to share this wedding with you. Roksolana + Danylo were so wonderful to work with and even though it POURED on their wedding day, it was the BEST and we got that epic rainy night photo I’ve been dying to get. Before I get ahead of myself, let me start from the beginning!


Roksolana + Danylo started off their day at the gorgeous Traditions at the Glen hotel. They have such pretty rooms and their staff are wonderful. (If you’re looking for a wedding venue, we give them a giant stamp of approval!)roksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-3P I NI M A G Eroksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-6P I NI M A G Eroksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-9P I NI M A G Eroksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-22P I NI M A G Eroksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-43P I NI M A G E

roksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-34P I NI M A G Eroksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-71P I NI M A G Eroksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photographyP I NI M A G E

Traditions at the Glen boasts this elegant staircase which served for the perfect backdrop for Roksolana’s and Danylo’s first look.

roksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-6P I NI M A G Eroksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-53P I NI M A G Eroksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-13P I NI M A G E

roksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-27P I NI M A G Eroksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-25P I NI M A G E

True to Ukrainian tradition, the family partook in a blessing on the bride and groom. The paintings below were done by Danylo’s father (not pictured here but two pictures down!). I thought that was such a special touch for the bride and groom.
roksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-35P I NI M A G Eroksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-48P I NI M A G Eroksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-83P I NI M A G E

This church took my breath away. Even in the pouring rain it was glorious looking. This is the church of the Sacred Heart, a Catholic Ukrainian church in Johnson City, NY. You can read all about its history here…

roksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photographyP I NI M A G E

In Ukrainian tradition, the priest meets the bride and groom at the entrance of the church and walks them both down the aisle to be married.roksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-29P I NI M A G Eroksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-106P I NI M A G Eroksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-37P I NI M A G Eroksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-41P I NI M A G E

The ceremony was done in both Ukrainian and English. Though I understood NOTHING that was said in Ukrainian, it was such a beautiful language to listen to. I loved hearing every word regardless of my lack of understanding. roksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-116P I NI M A G Eroksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-124P I NI M A G Eroksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-126P I NI M A G Eroksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-73P I NI M A G Eroksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-79P I NI M A G Eroksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-81P I NI M A G ELucky for us, this beautiful church has a nice front porch which was perfect for this rainy day wedding.

roksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-84P I NI M A G Eroksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-88P I NI M A G Eroksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-92P I NI M A G Eroksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-98P I NI M A G Eroksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-113P I NI M A G Eroksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-117P I NI M A G Eroksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-122P I NI M A G E

Traditions also has some pretty perfect places for pictures inside. The lighting is great too which is a rarity when you’re working indoors. Have I mentioned how much we love Traditions?

roksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-8P I NI M A G Eroksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-25P I NI M A G E

Something I really loved about photographing Roksolana was the difference in her smile when she looked at me vs. when I told her to look over at Danylo. Her face lights up like fireworks when she looks at him. There’s no mistaking the adoration between those two. It gave me the warm fuzzies when I was culling through their photos. It really is so gratifying being able to capture these sweet moments. roksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-15P I NI M A G E

A big shoutout to Chrystina Czebiniak for the creation of Roksolana’s bouquet along with the boutonnières and other flowers!roksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-10P I NI M A G Eroksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-46P I NI M A G E

Danylo is kind of a goof ball which makes for the best kind of photos and is obviously one of the many reasons Roksolana loves him so much.
roksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-126P I NI M A G Eroksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-144P I NI M A G Eroksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-147P I NI M A G E

Check out this good looking bridal party!roksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-153P I NI M A G Eroksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-165P I NI M A G Eroksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-173P I NI M A G Eroksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-177P I NI M A G E

Ooooooooooooooo when I set this shot up and saw it in my viewfinder I had goosebumps shoot right up my arms! I have been waiting SO long to create this image. I’m so happy it was Roksolana and Danylo who could help create it. roksolana + danylo - ukrainian - wedding - traditions - wedding - jen - pecka - photography-2P I NI M A G E

The reception took place at Traditions as well. I love the Ukrainian colors that decorated their ballroom and other reception areas. roksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-4P I NI M A G Eroksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-5P I NI M A G Eroksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-6P I NI M A G Eroksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-8P I NI M A G EThis gorgeous cake was made by Carol Grippen. She did such a beautiful job!roksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-9P I NI M A G Eroksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-10P I NI M A G Eroksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-32P I NI M A G Eroksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-67P I NI M A G E

roksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-460P I NI M A G Eroksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-463P I NI M A G Eroksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-467P I NI M A G E

roksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-71P I NI M A G Eroksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-74P I NI M A G Eroksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-77P I NI M A G Eroksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-86P I NI M A G Eroksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-190P I NI M A G Eroksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-194P I NI M A G Eroksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-202P I NI M A G E

Something I learned while shooting this wedding was that Ukrainians have the COOLEST dances. I couldn’t snap pictures fast enough and seriously loved EVERY second of this. It was so much fun!roksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-258P I NI M A G E

roksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-497P I NI M A G Eroksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-252P I NI M A G Eroksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-261P I NI M A G Eroksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-266P I NI M A G Eroksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-278P I NI M A G Eroksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-280P I NI M A G Eroksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-285P I NI M A G Eroksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-291P I NI M A G Eroksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-292P I NI M A G Eroksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-299P I NI M A G Eroksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-303P I NI M A G Eroksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-304P I NI M A G Eroksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-309P I NI M A G Eroksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-311P I NI M A G Eroksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-320P I NI M A G Eroksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-326P I NI M A G Eroksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-330P I NI M A G Eroksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-331P I NI M A G Eroksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-335P I NI M A G Eroksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-342P I NI M A G Eroksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-346P I NI M A G Eroksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-415P I NI M A G Eroksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photography-416P I NI M A G E

To say we had fun at this wedding was an understatement. I loved learning all the wedding customs from Ukraine and can’t wait to shoot another Ukrainian wedding! It was also an honor to create for Roksolana + Danylo. You guys are amazing and wonderful and brilliant and Brittni and I both think the world of you! roksolana-danylo-ukrainian-wedding-traditions-at-the-glen-jen-pecka-photographyP I NI M A G EI want to give a special thank you to my amazing second shooter, Brittni. Her contribution to this wedding gallery was perfection and I love having her work by my side!

I also want to thank these special vendors for helping to make Roksolana and Danylo’s wedding so amazing.

Venue: Traditions at the Glen –

Church: Sacred Heart Ukrainian Catholic Church –

Limo: Greater Binghamton Limo –

Band: HRIM Band

Videographer: Jim Winslow

Decorator: House of Treasures

Flowers: Christina Czebiniak

Cake: Carol Grippen (Wegmans sheet cake)

Master of Ceremony: Victor Czumak

Dress: Ever After Bridal Boutique –

Shoes: Macy’s

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