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Rebecca + Michael – Syracuse, NY

Rebecca and Mike met at work. Though there was always a spark between the two, Mike waited a year later until he officially transferred out of his position to ask Rebecca out. In fact, he asked her the very night his job role changed. Rebecca and Mike spent their first date mini golfing, going to dinner and getting some ice cream. When I asked them when they first knew this was the person they wanted to marry, Mike answered immediately “Day 1, I knew.” I should also add that when I asked them how long they’ve been together Mike responded with “2 years, 2 months, 7 days and 3 hours”. But wait. It gets even more adorable. The night Mike proposed to Rebecca, he rented out a local movie theatre, photoshopped their faces onto a movie poster and created a movie about them over the years. I’m not sure there’s a better segue into popping the question. Gentleman, take note!

Rebecca and Mike chose to have a winter wedding in the Syracuse area and the day couldn’t have been more perfect. These are some of my most favorite images from their wedding day!

rebecca-mike-syracuse-wedding-jen-pecka-photographyP I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-wedding-syracuse-ny-jen-pecka-photography-18P I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-wedding-syracuse-ny-jen-pecka-photography-26P I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-wedding-syracuse-ny-jen-pecka-photography-75P I NI M A G EI love this picture of Rebecca! She looks like she should be on a red carpet somewhere. rebecca-mike-wedding-syracuse-ny-jen-pecka-photography-46P I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-wedding-syracuse-ny-jen-pecka-photography-45P I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-wedding-syracuse-ny-jen-pecka-photography-84P I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-wedding-syracuse-ny-jen-pecka-photography-29P I NI M A G EThese gorgeous blooms are all from Wegmans. More and more I’m seeing brides either having Wegmans create their bouquets, or purchasing their own flowers and making their own bouquets. I’ve only ever seen perfection come from there! rebecca-mike-wedding-syracuse-ny-jen-pecka-photography-27P I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-wedding-syracuse-ny-jen-pecka-photography-93P I NI M A G EDetails and special touches are everything. I love the idea of sewing the bride and grooms initials inside the dress as well as the wedding date.rebecca-mike-wedding-syracuse-ny-jen-pecka-photography-7P I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-wedding-syracuse-ny-jen-pecka-photography-105P I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-wedding-syracuse-ny-jen-pecka-photography-122P I NI M A G ERebecca’s parents have a beautiful home outside of Syracuse and it served as the perfect backdrop for some bridal portraits before we headed off to the ceremony.rebecca-mike-wedding-syracuse-ny-jen-pecka-photography-150P I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-wedding-syracuse-ny-jen-pecka-photography-166P I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-wedding-syracuse-ny-jen-pecka-photography-160P I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-wedding-syracuse-ny-jen-pecka-photography-139P I NI M A G EWhile Rebecca and her bridesmaids were busy getting gorgeous, my second shooter Brittni was off with the guys creating what I can only describe as something perfect for a boyband CD cover. These seriously made me laugh out loud while I was editing. This clearly sums up Mike’s personality to a T.rebecca-mike-syracuse-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-31P I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-syracuse-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-32P I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-syracuse-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-36P I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-syracuse-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-42P I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-syracuse-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-43P I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-syracuse-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-48P I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-syracuse-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-50P I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-syracuse-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-52P I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-syracuse-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-53P I NI M A G ESeriously though. What is happening here? This is why I love having Brittni as my assistant. These pictures are gold.rebecca-mike-syracuse-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-60P I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-syracuse-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-63P I NI M A G EBro love.rebecca-mike-syracuse-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-73P I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-syracuse-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-76P I NI M A G ERebecca and Mike were married at The Church of Immaculate Conception in Pompey. This church is so pretty and their wedding ceremony was beautiful.
rebecca-mike-wedding-syracuse-ny-jen-pecka-photography-18P I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-wedding-syracuse-ny-jen-pecka-photography-17P I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-wedding-syracuse-ny-jen-pecka-photography-47P I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-wedding-syracuse-ny-jen-pecka-photography-48P I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-wedding-syracuse-ny-jen-pecka-photography-54P I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-wedding-syracuse-ny-jen-pecka-photography-57P I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-wedding-syracuse-ny-jen-pecka-photography-58P I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-wedding-syracuse-ny-jen-pecka-photography-60P I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-wedding-syracuse-ny-jen-pecka-photography-64P I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-wedding-syracuse-ny-jen-pecka-photography-100P I NI M A G EBird seed send offs are the best!
rebecca-mike-wedding-syracuse-ny-jen-pecka-photography-120P I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-wedding-syracuse-ny-jen-pecka-photography-121P I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-wedding-syracuse-ny-jen-pecka-photography-123P I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-syracuse-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-35P I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-syracuse-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-40P I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-syracuse-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-42P I NI M A G E
rebecca-mike-syracuse-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-44P I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-syracuse-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-50P I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-syracuse-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-56P I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-syracuse-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-58P I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-syracuse-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-61P I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-syracuse-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-66P I NI M A G EAfter the ceremony, the sun was just setting behind the trees. I LOVE when the light looks like this. It makes for such dreamy photos.
rebecca-mike-syracuse-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-71P I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-syracuse-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-73P I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-syracuse-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-75P I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-syracuse-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-77P I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-syracuse-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-79P I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-syracuse-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-87P I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-syracuse-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-89P I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-syracuse-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-212P I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-syracuse-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-95P I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-syracuse-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-106P I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-syracuse-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-112P I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-syracuse-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-117P I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-syracuse-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-123P I NI M A G EIf any photo sums up Mike and Rebecca, this is it. I love their personalities. They were so much fun to work with!rebecca-mike-syracuse-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-130P I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-syracuse-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-139P I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-syracuse-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-141P I NI M A G EMike and Rebecca had their reception at The Marriott in Syracuse. This venue is AMAZING. I can’t even emphasize that enough. It’s like walking into a dream. Not only is it stunningly beautiful inside but the staff did an awesome job. If you’re looking for a more modern venue, you really can’t go wrong with booking this one.
rebecca-mike-syracuse-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-152P I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-syracuse-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-153P I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-syracuse-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-174P I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-syracuse-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-184P I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-syracuse-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-185P I NI M A G EThe Marriott ballroom is like a fairy tale inside.
rebecca-mike-syracuse-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-189P I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-syracuse-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-193P I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-syracuse-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-194P I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-syracuse-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-218P I NI M A G E

rebecca-mike-syracuse-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-7P I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-syracuse-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-8P I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-syracuse-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-9P I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-syracuse-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-10P I NI M A G EIf you do a light saber introduction at your wedding, you’re doing life right. Just saying!rebecca-mike-syracuse-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-69P I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-syracuse-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-73P I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-syracuse-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-81P I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-syracuse-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-87P I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-syracuse-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-91P I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-syracuse-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-2P I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-syracuse-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-140P I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-syracuse-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-129P I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-syracuse-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-134P I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-syracuse-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-147P I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-syracuse-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-334P I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-syracuse-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-159P I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-syracuse-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-172P I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-syracuse-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-188P I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-syracuse-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-203P I NI M A G Erebecca-mike-syracuse-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-283P I NI M A G EMike and Rebecca had such an amazing wedding and it was truly an honor to capture the day for them. Brittni and I had a fantastic time and we felt so at home with this amazing couple and their awesome friends and family.
I want to give a special shout out to all the vendors who helped make this day so special. I highly recommend ALL of these professionals for your wedding!
Hair – Lavish Salon with Kaitlyn La Verne and Krista Owens (
Make-up – Lashes, Locks, & Lips – Aubrey James (
DJ – Black Tie Entertainment (
Cake – Nino’s Italian Bakery (
Florist – Wegman’s Florist (
Dress – Something Bleu Bridal (
Tuxes – Men’s Warehouse
Bridesmaids Dresses – Saratoga Elegance (
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