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Patty + Tom – Auburn, NY wedding (Springside Inn)

Meet Patty + Tom! patty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-43P I NI M A G E

Patty and Tom have become one of my most favorite couples. Tom and I went to school together and I still remember him as the little boy who loved birds (especially penguins) so when Patty reached out to me to do their wedding pictures, I was thrilled! (And it turns out, Tom’s favorite bird is still a penguin which makes me super happy.) Patty and I have since formed a special bond. Like, I’m kind of crazy about this girl because she’s AWESOME! I knew I liked her immediately when we met up for breakfast and I recognized that same sassy kindred spirit. Patty is my kind of people through and through.

patty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-127P I NI M A G E

While Patty is the extroverted and vibrant soul that she is, Tom is the opposite. He’s quiet and composed but, like Patty’s dad said in his speech, he’s got a lot going on up there! Even though he’s quiet, there’s a silly side there and I was sure to capture some of that. Get ready for SO many pictures because, once again, I couldn’t contain myself. This day was just so beautiful and there are SO many good ones!patty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-nyP I NI M A G EPatty and Tom were married at St. Alphonsus in Auburn, NY by Father Tim. He was so wonderful to work with and the ceremony was beautiful.patty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-2P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-20P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-3P I NI M A G EThe above picture was taken by my amazing assistant, Mary. I asked her for a wide angle aerial shot of Patty coming down the aisle and she delivered 100%. This was exactly my vision and she made it come to life perfectly.patty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-22P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-23P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-24P I NI M A G E

I love the way these two look at each otherpatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-4P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-25P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-26P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-27P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-28P I NI M A G EThe first kiss as husband and wife!patty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-29P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-30P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-31P I NI M A G EAfter this gorgeous ceremony, we ventured over to Emerson Park which is literally within walking distance of the church. It’s such a pretty place! However, before I share these, I have to put to detail just how hot this day was. When I climbed into my car after the ceremony, my temperature gauge read 100. Yeah…you read that right. ONE HUNDRED DEGREES and it was HUMID. Standing alone was arduous but to be moving in any sense of the word was a challenge for all. Can you imagine being in a suit in 100 degree weather? I couldn’t. I need to thank the bridal party from the very depths of my heart for not only following direction so we could get everything done as quickly as possible for survivals sake, but for being so sweet to Mary and myself. This is the kind of day the incites short tempers and eye gouging. Instead, this wedding party was able to keep it light and make sure everyone was hydrated and taken care of. You guys are truly rockstars and Patty and Tom are lucky to have such wonderful people in their lives! patty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-33P I NI M A G E

patty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-5P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-38P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-6P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-40P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-7P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-9P I NI M A G E
patty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-17P I NI M A G E

patty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-34P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-35P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-36P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-37P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-41P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-42P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-44P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-45P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-46P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-47P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-48P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-50P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-51P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-52P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-53P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-54P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-55P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-56P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-57P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-58P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-59P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-60P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-62P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-63P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-64P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-65P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-66P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-69P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-70P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-72P I NI M A G EThe picture above is one of the groomsmen, Kyle, sprinting off to chase the ice cream truck. I also have to mention that, not only is he being the BEST GROOMSMAN EVER in this moment, but it was his birthday too!patty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-73P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-74P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-75P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-77P I NI M A G ETeamwork!patty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-78P I NI M A G EAnd this is Kyle running back with ice-cream for Patty and Tom. Seriously, he is the best guy!patty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-79P I NI M A G EI remember laughing during this moment because Patty was like “Are you ready to keep going?” And Tom responded with “No, I’m going to eat this ice cream cookie.” But he did share! Again, it was SUCH a hot day. An ice cream break was genius. patty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-80P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-81P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-82P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-86P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-88P I NI M A G EAfter leaving Emerson Park, we arrived at the Springside Inn in Auburn, NY where the reception was being held. This place is absolutely wonderful and the grounds were a perfect place for pictures. We took full advantage.patty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-89P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-11P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-91P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-92P I NI M A G E
patty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-94P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-95P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-96P I NI M A G EI don’t even know what’s going on here.patty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-98P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-99P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-100P I NI M A G EWhen you’re done carrying around flowers.patty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-101P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-102P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-103P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-104P I NI M A G EThe picture above was completely candid. I happened to turn and see Tom looking off and studying trees. When he noticed we were on to him he told us the name of the tree he was looking at but I can’t for the life of me remember. Someone feel free to comment below if you remember!patty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-105P I NI M A G EWe decided to recreate the moment with Patty and it came out super cute.patty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-106P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-107P I NI M A G EAwwww, these two. <3 patty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-108P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-109P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-110P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-111P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-112P I NI M A G E

The reception was a great time and we were so happy to be working with the staff at Springside Inn. They were a great bunch and you could tell they had that teamwork thing down to a T. We are definitely putting them on our preferred vendors list! We also got to work with one of our favorite DJ’s! Dusty from United Sound had everyone on the dance floor. There was never a moment when people WEREN’T dancing. (We love Dusty and he’s been on our preferred vendors list for ages! You should check out United Sound if you need a DJ!)

patty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-113P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-114P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-115P I NI M A G EThis was such a good idea! Instead of having guests sign a book, they had a special quilt where people could sign their blessings and well wishes. I liked this square because someone wrote “Patty + Tom 4 ever” in the heart.patty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-116P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-117P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-118P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-15P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-119P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-120P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-16P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-121P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-122P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-124P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-125P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-126P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-12P I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-14P I NI M A G ETo end on an epic note, Mary and I stepped out the back door only to turn around again to grab Patty and Tom for some stunning sunset photos.

patty-tom-auburn-ny-wedding-springside-inn-jen-pecka-photography-wedding-photographerP I NI M A G Epatty-tom-wedding-blog-jen-pecka-photography-springside-inn-auburn-ny-130P I NI M A G E

I would like to personally thank all of the amazing vendors who helped make Patty and Tom’s wedding day so memorable!

Ceremony: St. Alphonsus with Father Tim (Auburn, NY)

Wedding venue: Springside Inn –

Photo Booth: Moe B Photography –
Cupcakes and cake: Patisserie –
DJ: United Sound –
Wedding dress: Katherine Patricia (with alterations at I do alterations)
Shoes: DSW
Tux: Men’s Wearhouse –
Engagement ring: Goldsmith
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