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Meghan + Bryant – Maple Shade Farm in Delhi, NY

Meghan + Bryant had the most perfect wedding day at Maple Shade Farm in Delhi, NY. (We absolutely LOVE this venue! Abby and Jay do an amazing job and they’re so much fun to work with.)

The day started at the Courtyard Marriot in Oneonta, NY.

meghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photographyP I NI M A G Emeghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-2P I NI M A G Emeghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-3P I NI M A G Emeghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-4P I NI M A G E

I love these matching flannels.

meghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-5P I NI M A G Emeghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-6P I NI M A G Emeghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-7P I NI M A G E

If you’re wondering how I get those gorgeous angles! A huge thanks to Kristy for shooting with me on this day and for capturing this shot of me doing gymnastics. I’ll do anything to get the shot I see in my head!meghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-93P I NI M A G Emeghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-8P I NI M A G Emeghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-87P I NI M A G E

You read that right. It says “Until Death Do Us Fart”. meghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-88P I NI M A G Emeghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-89P I NI M A G E

First looks with Dad are precious. I love that we were so flawlessly able to capture Meghan’s Dad’s expression when he saw her for the first time all glammed up and ready for her wedding.meghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-9P I NI M A G Emeghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-10P I NI M A G E

While we were doing the first look with Meghan’s Dad, Kristy was outside taking some pictures of the guys. These socks were genius.

meghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-92P I NI M A G Emeghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-90P I NI M A G E

I have no idea what’s going on in the picture below but I’m so happy it happened.
meghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-91P I NI M A G E

Meghan + Bryant had their own first look as well followed by some gorgeous portraits. Get ready for soooo many pictures! (Because I have no self control and have to share them all!)

meghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-15P I NI M A G Emeghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-17P I NI M A G Emeghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-19P I NI M A G Emeghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-94P I NI M A G Emeghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-18P I NI M A G Emeghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-16P I NI M A G Emeghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-22P I NI M A G Emeghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-23P I NI M A G Emeghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-24P I NI M A G Emeghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-25P I NI M A G Emeghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-27P I NI M A G Emeghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-28P I NI M A G Emeghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-29P I NI M A G Emeghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-30P I NI M A G Emeghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-31P I NI M A G Emeghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-32P I NI M A G Emeghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-33P I NI M A G Emeghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-34P I NI M A G Emeghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-35P I NI M A G Emeghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-36P I NI M A G Emeghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-37P I NI M A G E

Meghan is such a classic beauty. I love how she pulls off that vintage look!meghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-38P I NI M A G Emeghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-39P I NI M A G E

The flowers were done by Art Farm Flowers. So beautiful!
meghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-40P I NI M A G Emeghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-41P I NI M A G E

Sometimes I’ll ask the grooms to pose with the flowers because it’s adorable. I didn’t have to ask Bryant though. In fact, he asked me.
meghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-42P I NI M A G Emeghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-43P I NI M A G Emeghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-45P I NI M A G Emeghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-46P I NI M A G Emeghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-47P I NI M A G Emeghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-95P I NI M A G Emeghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-48P I NI M A G Emeghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-49P I NI M A G Emeghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-50P I NI M A G Emeghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-51P I NI M A G Emeghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-52P I NI M A G Emeghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-53P I NI M A G Emeghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-100P I NI M A G Emeghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-54P I NI M A G E

Not only were Meghan + Bryant awesome to work with, but their bridal party was awesome too. They ALL had us cracking up and they were so much fun! meghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-56P I NI M A G Emeghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-57P I NI M A G Emeghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-58P I NI M A G Emeghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-59P I NI M A G Emeghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-60P I NI M A G Emeghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-102P I NI M A G Emeghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-61P I NI M A G Emeghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-62P I NI M A G Emeghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-98P I NI M A G Emeghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-99P I NI M A G E

The entrance to the ceremony was so pretty. I love repurposing old doors for any sort of crafty thing but this takes the cake. meghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-65P I NI M A G Emeghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-66P I NI M A G E

Meghan + Bryant’s wedding ceremony consisted of a few things I had never seen before. One of these things was reading a rap song in place of the traditional verses read at weddings. (It was epic, super funny and touching all at the same time.) Another thing I’ve never seen is the ceremonial drinking of Colt 45 and orange juice. I seriously loved every moment of this ceremony. Scratch that. I loved every moment of this entire wedding.
meghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-67P I NI M A G Emeghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-72P I NI M A G Emeghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-69P I NI M A G Emeghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-73P I NI M A G Emeghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-83P I NI M A G E

Maple Shade Farm does a great job with the reception space. The inside of the barn is stunning. I LOVE the setup of this place.
meghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-12P I NI M A G Emeghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-13P I NI M A G E

Meghan + Bryant had a donut wall in place of a wedding cake. I swore that I was going to live over here for the entire reception but ended up being too busy to stuff my face with a donut. I’m sure they were as delicious as they looked though!meghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-14P I NI M A G Emeghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-79P I NI M A G Emeghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-80P I NI M A G Emeghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-11P I NI M A G Emeghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-74P I NI M A G E

These two. Sheesh you guys are adorable. It was such an honor to capture your wedding day.meghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-82P I NI M A G Emeghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-81P I NI M A G E

Because I like to leave on a dramatic note and this photo gives me all the feels. meghan-bryant-blog-maple-shade-farms-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-86P I NI M A G E

A very special thank you to Kristy for being my assistant on this day. You are a gift to the photography world and a serious talent! I LOVE working with you. Our teamwork is seamless!

I also want to thank Jay and Abby. You guys are rockstars and I love working with you both! I can’t wait to come back. (!)

ALSO! DJ Patrick Del Rosario. You’re the man and we love working with you too! DJ Patrick Del Rosario is definitely on our preferred vendors list! (

All of these vendors did a fantastic job and we highly recommend all of them.

Catering – Sunrise Specialty Catering –
DJ- Patrick Del Rosario
Donuts – Twin Peaks Coffee & Donuts –
Hair – Leah Howie, The Hair-Em Salon
Makeup – Diana Kathleen’s Beauty and Lash Artistry
Flowers – Art Farm Flowers –
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