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Loryn + Jared (Owego Treadway/Terra Cotta Wedding)

Loryn + Jared had a gorgeous wedding and I’m so happy that Mary and I could be a part of it. This day was so sunshiney and bright and there were so many sweet moments we were able to capture.  As always, I had a hard time narrowing down the top wedding photos for this day. Naturally there’s a bajillion but I’m OK with that. Get ready for SO much scrolling.
loryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-5P I NI M A G Eloryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-8P I NI M A G Eloryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-12P I NI M A G Eloryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-55P I NI M A G Eloryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-83P I NI M A G Eloryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-103P I NI M A G Eloryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-111P I NI M A G Eloryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-134P I NI M A G Eloryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-138P I NI M A G ELoryn and Jared wrote each other letters before the ceremony. I swear, every time I saw pictures of Jared tearing up while editing, I teared up right along with him. I’m such a sap but these two are so sweet together. loryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-123P I NI M A G Eloryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-124P I NI M A G Eloryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-99P I NI M A G Eloryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-101P I NI M A G EThe ceremony took place at Our Lady of Sorrows in Vestal, NY. This church was so pretty.

loryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-17P I NI M A G Eloryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-27P I NI M A G Eloryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-112P I NI M A G Eloryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-30P I NI M A G Eloryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-52P I NI M A G E

This kid is hilarious.loryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-66P I NI M A G Eloryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-76P I NI M A G EFirst kiss as husband and wife!loryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-67P I NI M A G Eloryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-140P I NI M A G EAfter the ceremony, we headed over to Tioga Gardens. A giant storm was rolling in but we got some gorgeous shots anyway. The flower spread at this place is incredible. I also love this bridge!loryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-33P I NI M A G Eloryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-36P I NI M A G Eloryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-38P I NI M A G Eloryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-42P I NI M A G Eloryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-50P I NI M A G Eloryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-56P I NI M A G Eloryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-64P I NI M A G Eloryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-79P I NI M A G Eloryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-88P I NI M A G Eloryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-93P I NI M A G Eloryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-95P I NI M A G Eloryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-97P I NI M A G Eloryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-100P I NI M A G Eloryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-109P I NI M A G Eloryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-112P I NI M A G Eloryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-119P I NI M A G Eloryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-134P I NI M A G Eloryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-136P I NI M A G Eloryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-139P I NI M A G Eloryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-141P I NI M A G EI love how colorful Loryn and Jared’s wedding photos are. These gardens are immaculate and well kept. Such a pretty back drop for wedding photos!loryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-145P I NI M A G Eloryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-148P I NI M A G Eloryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-149P I NI M A G Eloryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-152P I NI M A G Eloryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-157P I NI M A G Eloryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-161P I NI M A G Eloryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-163P I NI M A G Eloryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-167P I NI M A G Eloryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-175P I NI M A G Eloryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-177P I NI M A G EWe even got to sneak inside for some pictures in their green house. It was like being in the jungle and I was into it. loryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-180P I NI M A G Eloryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-182P I NI M A G ELoryn is SO gorgeous. loryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-188P I NI M A G Eloryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-190P I NI M A G Eloryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-195P I NI M A G Eloryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-199P I NI M A G Eloryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-203P I NI M A G Eloryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-204P I NI M A G Eloryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-207P I NI M A G EThe reception took place at the Owego Treadway which is now being overseen by the Terra Cotta. The Terra Cotta has done an incredible job with this place. The staff was great and everything went super smooth. Plus the food was AMAZING which is so important on a wedding day. Also, can we just take a second to appreciate this cake? YUMMA.loryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photographyP I NI M A G E

loryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-3P I NI M A G EThe dessert table is my favorite place to hang out at a wedding. Naturally.loryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-5P I NI M A G Eloryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-66P I NI M A G Eloryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-81P I NI M A G Eloryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-73P I NI M A G Eloryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-119P I NI M A G Eloryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-120P I NI M A G Eloryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-126P I NI M A G Eloryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-127P I NI M A G Eloryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-134P I NI M A G Eloryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-140P I NI M A G EWe got to work with one our favorite DJ’s of all time, Ryan from Engaged Entertainment. He kept the dance floor packed all night as he always does. loryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-183P I NI M A G Eloryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-187P I NI M A G Eloryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-192P I NI M A G Eloryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-202P I NI M A G EEven the awesome videographers from Moved By You Videography hit the dance floor. We love working with Ashley and her husband! loryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-242P I NI M A G Eloryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-272P I NI M A G EIs it even a party unless you see a flower girl horse running around? Probably not. loryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-282P I NI M A G Eloryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-287P I NI M A G Eloryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-328P I NI M A G Eloryn-jared-owego-wedding-terra-cotta-jen-pecka-photography-353P I NI M A G E

We had so much fun at this wedding. A huge thank you to these vendors for being so amazing! This day wouldn’t have gone as smoothly or as perfectly without you. We highly recommend ALL of these vendors!

Venue: Owego Treadway –
DJ:  Ryan DeLap with Engaged Entertainment – engaged (We LOVE this guy!)
Videography: Ashley Morrell with Moved by You Videography – (If you need a videographer for your day, seriously check these guys out. Ashley is phenomenal and her wedding videos make me cry.)
Flowers: Sandy Kenyon (Jared’s aunt) (GORGEOUS!)
Food: Terra Cotta Catering  –
Makeup: Michelle Brown Beauty –
Decorations: Katie Perkins with Sticks and Stems Event Decor
Dress: Ever After Binghamton Bridal –
Tuxes: Men’s Warehouse
Cake: Sopranos Market –
Hair: Emily Woody with the Styling Corner (Owego, NY)
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