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Hilary + Michael’s Wedding {The Farmer’s Market – Binghamton, NY}

Hilary + Michael had a gorgeous wedding in Binghamton, NY. The day started out at the Fairfield Inn. A very excited bride and her bridal party spent a suspenseful morning getting ready. The excitement in the room was palpable. The greatest part of this morning was spending time with Hilary and her loved ones. Hilary is clearly VERY loved and I loved capturing all those sweet moments.

hilary-michael-binghamton-wedding-farmers-market-wedding-jen-pecka-photographyP I NI M A G Ehilary-michael-binghamton-wedding-farmers-market-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-2P I NI M A G Ehilary-michael-binghamton-wedding-farmers-market-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-3P I NI M A G Ehilary-michael-binghamton-wedding-farmers-market-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-4P I NI M A G E

Details for days! We had limited space to work with so the (awesome) makeup artist shared part of her table with me and we used Hilary’s veil as a backdrop for all her details.hilary-michael-binghamton-wedding-farmers-market-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-5P I NI M A G Ehilary-michael-binghamton-wedding-farmers-market-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-6P I NI M A G Ehilary-michael-binghamton-wedding-farmers-market-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-8P I NI M A G E

Hilary is the Queen of sassy looks. I love how photogenic she is. hilary-michael-binghamton-wedding-farmers-market-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-9P I NI M A G E

Michael wrote Hilary a sweet letter for her to read before their first look. Seriously fellas, Mike set the bar with this one. Write your lady a letter for the morning of your wedding day. It is the sweetest gesture. Hilary read this outloud for us and I teared up right along with her!
hilary-michael-binghamton-wedding-farmers-market-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-10P I NI M A G Ehilary-michael-binghamton-wedding-farmers-market-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-11P I NI M A G Ehilary-michael-binghamton-wedding-farmers-market-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-12P I NI M A G E

So much love! hilary-michael-binghamton-wedding-farmers-market-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-13P I NI M A G E

Let’s be real…it takes guys 5 minutes to get ready and this is what’s really going on behind the scenes. I love the glasses!hilary-michael-binghamton-wedding-farmers-market-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-65P I NI M A G E

Hilary + Mike chose to do a first look in Cutler Garden’s (which is also where they had their ceremony). Cutler Garden’s is a gorgeous spot for pictures. I’ll be honest with you, I absolutely teared up during the first look too. It’s such a beautiful moment.

hilary-michael-binghamton-wedding-farmers-market-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-14P I NI M A G Ehilary-michael-binghamton-wedding-farmers-market-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-67P I NI M A G Ehilary-michael-binghamton-wedding-farmers-market-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-15P I NI M A G Ehilary-michael-binghamton-wedding-farmers-market-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-16P I NI M A G Ehilary-michael-binghamton-wedding-farmers-market-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-68P I NI M A G E

hilary-michael-binghamton-wedding-farmers-market-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-21P I NI M A G E

If you know Mike, you’ll know that he has a very distinct laugh that lights up whatever area he is in. It was such a joy working with him because he’s such a joyful person and those good vibes were so easy to capture. hilary-michael-binghamton-wedding-farmers-market-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-20P I NI M A G Ehilary-michael-binghamton-wedding-farmers-market-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-25P I NI M A G Ehilary-michael-binghamton-wedding-farmers-market-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-22P I NI M A G Ehilary-michael-binghamton-wedding-farmers-market-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-23P I NI M A G Ehilary-michael-binghamton-wedding-farmers-market-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-24P I NI M A G E

Pat Kimble put together this gorgeous flower arrangement. hilary-michael-binghamton-wedding-farmers-market-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-26P I NI M A G Ehilary-michael-binghamton-wedding-farmers-market-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-27P I NI M A G Ehilary-michael-binghamton-wedding-farmers-market-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-28P I NI M A G Ehilary-michael-binghamton-wedding-farmers-market-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-30P I NI M A G Ehilary-michael-binghamton-wedding-farmers-market-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-31P I NI M A G Ehilary-michael-binghamton-wedding-farmers-market-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-32P I NI M A G Ehilary-michael-binghamton-wedding-farmers-market-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-33P I NI M A G E

This is one of my most favorite pics of Hilary + Michael!hilary-michael-binghamton-wedding-farmers-market-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-34P I NI M A G Ehilary-michael-binghamton-wedding-farmers-market-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-35P I NI M A G Ehilary-michael-binghamton-wedding-farmers-market-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-36P I NI M A G Ehilary-michael-binghamton-wedding-farmers-market-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-37P I NI M A G Ehilary-michael-binghamton-wedding-farmers-market-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-38P I NI M A G Ehilary-michael-binghamton-wedding-farmers-market-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-39P I NI M A G E

We had some time to spare so we took a trip to Chenango Valley State Park for some more pictures.hilary-michael-binghamton-wedding-farmers-market-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-40P I NI M A G Ehilary-michael-binghamton-wedding-farmers-market-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-41P I NI M A G Ehilary-michael-binghamton-wedding-farmers-market-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-42P I NI M A G Ehilary-michael-binghamton-wedding-farmers-market-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-43P I NI M A G Ehilary-michael-binghamton-wedding-farmers-market-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-47P I NI M A G E

Hilary asked if we could do a silly picture.  I asked if she had any ideas and she said “I want to hit him with my bouquet.” LOL! I added on that maybe he should be strangling her at the same time. Folks, welcome to marriage! At least they’re still smiling!
hilary-michael-binghamton-wedding-farmers-market-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-48P I NI M A G Ehilary-michael-binghamton-wedding-farmers-market-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-49P I NI M A G E

My favorite kind of wedding is an unplugged wedding! Let me rephrase that…EVERY photographers favorite wedding is an unplugged wedding.

hilary-michael-binghamton-wedding-farmers-market-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-50P I NI M A G E

This is such a cute and eco-friendly idea. Lavender seeds to throw at the bride and groom after they’re announced as husband and wife!hilary-michael-binghamton-wedding-farmers-market-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-51P I NI M A G E

Mike was READY!hilary-michael-binghamton-wedding-farmers-market-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-52P I NI M A G Ehilary-michael-binghamton-wedding-farmers-market-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-53P I NI M A G Ehilary-michael-binghamton-wedding-farmers-market-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-54P I NI M A G Ehilary-michael-binghamton-wedding-farmers-market-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-55P I NI M A G E

I love when the light cooperates during a ceremony. The sun was setting right behind the gazebo these two were married in and it made for the prettiest light.
hilary-michael-binghamton-wedding-farmers-market-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-56P I NI M A G Ehilary-michael-binghamton-wedding-farmers-market-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-57P I NI M A G E

This cake though. YUMMMMMA. Kudos to Simply Made by Brittany.hilary-michael-binghamton-wedding-farmers-market-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-58P I NI M A G Ehilary-michael-binghamton-wedding-farmers-market-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-59P I NI M A G Ehilary-michael-binghamton-wedding-farmers-market-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-60P I NI M A G Ehilary-michael-binghamton-wedding-farmers-market-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-61P I NI M A G Ehilary-michael-binghamton-wedding-farmers-market-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-62P I NI M A G Ehilary-michael-binghamton-wedding-farmers-market-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-63P I NI M A G Ehilary-michael-binghamton-wedding-farmers-market-wedding-jen-pecka-photography-64P I NI M A G E

You guys should know by now that I like to leave on a dramatic note.

I’m so happy that we were able to capture such an amazing day for Hilary and Michael. I couldn’t have done it without my other half, Brittni, who worked as my assistant and second shooter for the day. A huge thanks to all the vendors who participated in making their day so wonderful.

Ceremony: Cutler Garden’s

Venue: The Farmer’s Market

Catering: Davinci Catering

Videography: Optimum videography

Makeup Artist: Debra Ann

Wedding Planner: Peake of Perfection events

Cake: Simply Made by Brittany

Florist: Pat Kimble

Dress: David’s Bridal

Tayloring: Donna Sukup

DJ: Roy Bell

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