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Family Photoshoot (Binghamton, NY)

I met up with this adorable family in Binghamton, NY for a family photoshoot. Even though we’ve had a chilly spring so far, this particular day ended up being perfect.

Meet Meghan, Brian, Audrey and Maura!family-photoshoot-binghamton-ny-chenango-valley-state-park-jen-pecka-photography-2P I NI M A G E

family-photoshoot-binghamton-ny-chenango-valley-state-park-jen-pecka-photography-10P I NI M A G E

I love getting Mom and Dad to pose for pictures too!

family-photoshoot-binghamton-ny-chenango-valley-state-park-jen-pecka-photography-11P I NI M A G Efamily-photoshoot-binghamton-ny-chenango-valley-state-park-jen-pecka-photography-17P I NI M A G E

Audrey and Maura are just the cutest little things. I absolutely LOVE their curls. We took a walk around the park and captured some pretty adorable moments. These are some of my favorites…

family-photoshoot-binghamton-ny-chenango-valley-state-park-jen-pecka-photography-44P I NI M A G E

Strike a pose!

family-photoshoot-binghamton-ny-chenango-valley-state-park-jen-pecka-photography-28P I NI M A G Efamily-photoshoot-binghamton-ny-chenango-valley-state-park-jen-pecka-photography-55P I NI M A G E

We made time to play by the lake too. I’m pretty sure I haven’t met a kid yet who doesn’t like throwing rocks in the lake!

family-photoshoot-binghamton-ny-chenango-valley-state-park-jen-pecka-photography-74P I NI M A G Efamily-photoshoot-binghamton-ny-chenango-valley-state-park-jen-pecka-photography-85P I NI M A G E

Sisterly love.

family-photoshoot-binghamton-ny-chenango-valley-state-park-jen-pecka-photography-96P I NI M A G Efamily-photoshoot-binghamton-ny-chenango-valley-state-park-jen-pecka-photography-101P I NI M A G Efamily-photoshoot-binghamton-ny-chenango-valley-state-park-jen-pecka-photography-104P I NI M A G E

I can’t look at these without a huge smile on my face. These kids are just so stinkin’ cute.

family-photoshoot-binghamton-ny-chenango-valley-state-park-jen-pecka-photography-154P I NI M A G E

The girls and their beautiful Mama, Meghan.

family-photoshoot-binghamton-ny-chenango-valley-state-park-jen-pecka-photography-162P I NI M A G E

I loved working with this little family and am so looking forward to all of my family portrait sessions this summer!

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