Jen Pecka Photography – Binghamton, NY and Adirondack Wedding Photographer » Jen Pecka Photography is a wedding photographer based out of Binghamton, NY. We also specialize in family and newborn photography. We love to travel! The Adirondacks is one of our favorite places to shoot weddings. We also love Syracuse, Rochester, Albany, Buffalo and Saratoga Springs!

Jessica, David & Parker – Vestal, NY mini session

I love doing mini sessions in the snow! I got to spend some time with this little family and had lots of fun trying to get some smiles out of mister Parker. He was a bit unsure about the strange lady with the big bulky camera but one thing is for sure, he definitely adores Mommy and Daddy. These are a few of my favorite pictures from their photoshoot!

mini-session-family-portraits-vestal-ny-jen-pecka-photography-17P I NI M A G Emini-session-family-portraits-vestal-ny-jen-pecka-photography-2P I NI M A G Emini-session-family-portraits-vestal-ny-jen-pecka-photographyP I NI M A G EThat hat though. So cute!
mini-session-family-portraits-vestal-ny-jen-pecka-photography-29P I NI M A G Emini-session-family-portraits-vestal-ny-jen-pecka-photography-28P I NI M A G Emini-session-family-portraits-vestal-ny-jen-pecka-photography-27P I NI M A G EParker has such a pretty Mama!
mini-session-family-portraits-vestal-ny-jen-pecka-photography-26P I NI M A G EHe looks like a baby model in this picture.
mini-session-family-portraits-vestal-ny-jen-pecka-photography-25P I NI M A G Emini-session-family-portraits-vestal-ny-jen-pecka-photography-24P I NI M A G EDaddy is clearly super I NI M A G ESquishy smooches!mini-session-family-portraits-vestal-ny-jen-pecka-photography-22P I NI M A G Emini-session-family-portraits-vestal-ny-jen-pecka-photography-21P I NI M A G EI love this picture. mini-session-family-portraits-vestal-ny-jen-pecka-photography-20P I NI M A G Emini-session-family-portraits-vestal-ny-jen-pecka-photography-19P I NI M A G E
mini-session-family-portraits-vestal-ny-jen-pecka-photography-16P I NI M A G Emini-session-family-portraits-vestal-ny-jen-pecka-photography-15P I NI M A G Emini-session-family-portraits-vestal-ny-jen-pecka-photography-12P I NI M A G Emini-session-family-portraits-vestal-ny-jen-pecka-photography-10P I NI M A G Emini-session-family-portraits-vestal-ny-jen-pecka-photography-7P I NI M A G Emini-session-family-portraits-vestal-ny-jen-pecka-photography-6P I NI M A G Emini-session-family-portraits-vestal-ny-jen-pecka-photography-5P I NI M A G Emini-session-family-portraits-vestal-ny-jen-pecka-photography-4P I NI M A G E

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