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Taylor + Adam’s engagement session in Watkins Glen, NY – Fingerlakes

Taylor and Adam met me at Lakewood Winery in Watkins Glen a few weeks back for their engagement session. I love the fingerlakes region and had so many ideas for vineyard engagement portaits! Driving through Ithaca I passed a few wineries on the way and it dawned on me that it’s still spring time and the vines would be empty. All my ideas went out the window and I felt like such a dunce for only realizing this 30 minutes before the session. When I arrived I told Taylor what I had been thinking and she had been under the same impression. Visions of leafy green vines and plump grapes would not be part of the aesthetic of this engagement session BUT it still turned out gorgeous. The views from Lakewood Vineyards are STUNNING! It overlooks Seneca lake and there were tons of these little yellow flowers which we used to our advantage.
P I NI M A G EP I NI M A G ETaylor and Adam also brought their dog Rosco who I now LOVE and adore. Rosco was so funny and loved being the center of attention. He was so well behaved too and stuck right by us while we traipsed around the property. His bandana says “My humans are getting married”. SO CUTE.P I NI M A G EP I NI M A G EP I NI M A G EP I NI M A G EEvery once in a while we needed to stop and remind Rosco that he was still the star of the show. P I NI M A G EP I NI M A G EIf you’re thinking about bringing your dog along on your engagement session, I always vote yes. Also, I will make it a point to take lots of cute portraits you can hang on your wall alongside your engagement pictures. P I NI M A G EThere were just a few pictures I had to photoshop a cute little Rosco butt out of. P I NI M A G EI was so thankful that we had an unusually warm and sunny day for Taylor and Adam’s engagement session. The fluffy clouds and blue skies made for some pretty shots.P I NI M A G EP I NI M A G EThe picture above makes me laugh SO hard. When I originally was culling through this shoot I saw this picture and it made my day. Rosco gets a little jealous when Taylor and Adam are affectionate with each other. P I NI M A G EP I NI M A G EP I NI M A G EP I NI M A G EP I NI M A G EP I NI M A G EP I NI M A G EP I NI M A G EP I NI M A G EP I NI M A G EI really, really wanted to get a shot of Rosco smiling while his mom and dad smooched in the background. We tried a few different times but he was so excitable and I knew it would have to happen when he was more tuckered out from venturing around. But then he sat so perfectly and I was able to snap some super cute pictures of him. This might be my most favorite shot of the whole day.P I NI M A G EP I NI M A G EThese fields of yellow were so gorgeous. P I NI M A G ERosco is so photogenic. P I NI M A G EP I NI M A G EI love this picture of Taylor below. Such a pretty shot!P I NI M A G EP I NI M A G EP I NI M A G EP I NI M A G EP I NI M A G ETaylor + Adam were such a fun couple to work with and Lakewood Vineyards is an awesome place for photos. I’m definitely going to make it a point to go back for a wine tasting. This place has great vibes and the views are spectacular. You can check their website out here…

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