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Kaitlin + Matt Engagement Session – Binghamton, NY

I am so excited to put Kaitlin and Matt on the blog today!

I have been working non-stop and have been either in my office editing or out on a photoshoot. Life is really, really, really good right now. I love doing what I do and am forever grateful for my amazing clients who help keep this ball rolling. Photography is truly my niche, my everything and my happy place. I am so incredibly passionate about what I do and I hope that’s apparent when people are looking at my wedding and portrait galleries.

ANYWAY! I’m done being a complete sap for the time being.

Kaitlin and Matt met me at Chenango Valley State Park which is right outside of Binghamton, NY. If you haven’t been here, I highly suggest visiting. Chenango Valley not only has great spots for portraits but it also has hiking trails, two beautiful lakes and a swim area. I like to take my daughter here in the summer when I can’t make it to the Adirondacks so I can PRETEND that we’re in the Adirondacks. It’s a really beautiful place.

We traipsed around the swim area section of the park and took some really gorgeous engagement photos. These are some of my most favorites.

P I NI M A G EP I NI M A G EP I NI M A G EP I NI M A G EP I NI M A G ELaughter is one of my most favorite things to capture. It’s always easier when I get a couple who goof off with each other.P I NI M A G EP I NI M A G EKaitlin is seriously so beautiful. I can’t EVEN. She’s going to be the most gorgeous bride. P I NI M A G EP I NI M A G EKaitlin and Matt brought their wolf puppy. SUCH A SWEET GUY! He was so well behaved. I absolutely love it when my clients bring their dogs. I don’t even care when they’re NOT well behaved. I currently have two dogs, 5 cats and hold a wildlife rehabilitation license. I love animals and in another life probably would have been a veterinarian.

So if you’re questioning whether or not you should bring your dog to your next photoshoot with me, the answer is absolutely YES.

P I NI M A G EP I NI M A G EP I NI M A G EP I NI M A G EP I NI M A G EI LOVE Kaitlin’s dress. I asked her where she got it and she told me Lulu’s. I obviously went directly on the site to shop when I got home and saw some dresses that other clients have worn in the past. There’s so many pretty things I don’t even know what to buy first. P I NI M A G EP I NI M A G EP I NI M A G EP I NI M A G EI love a good black and white.
P I NI M A G ESweet puppy!P I NI M A G EP I NI M A G EP I NI M A G EI’m a huge fan of natural lighting. Flash is cool when you need it but you can’t beat that natural glow look. This day was actually a touch overcast which worked out really well because the exposure is so easy to control. If you have a shoot booked and the day isn’t sunny, don’t fret. Photographers actually LOVE that. (For the record, I love shooting in high sun too. It’s just harder to work with and limits the number of angles you can use.)P I NI M A G EP I NI M A G EP I NI M A G EP I NI M A G EP I NI M A G EI had so much fun working with Kaitlin and Matt. These two are having a winter wedding and I’m so excited to be there to photograph their wedding day!

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