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Jessica + Martin Engagement Session

Meet Jessica + Martin! jessica-martin-engagement-pictures-binghamton-ny-jen-pecka-photography-2P I NI M A G E

I met these two at an adorable Christmas tree farm called 4 Seasons Farm in Maine, NY. It was the perfect place for an engagement session so close to the holidays.jessica-martin-engagement-pictures-binghamton-ny-jen-pecka-photography-13P I NI M A G E

Jessica + Martin met through mutual friends. Or, in better words, were set up through mutual friends.

jessica-martin-engagement-pictures-binghamton-ny-jen-pecka-photography-14P I NI M A G E

These two had their first date at Giblin’s in Johnson City and three years later, Martin proposed during a trip to Myrtle beach. Jessica really wanted to ride the Sky Wheel and during that ride, he popped the question.

jessica-martin-engagement-pictures-binghamton-ny-jen-pecka-photography-17P I NI M A G Ejessica-martin-engagement-pictures-binghamton-ny-jen-pecka-photography-23P I NI M A G E

Jessica’s favorite thing about Martin, or Marty as she calls him, is how patient he is. “He brings out the best in every situation.”

jessica-martin-engagement-pictures-binghamton-ny-jen-pecka-photography-28P I NI M A G Ejessica-martin-engagement-pictures-binghamton-ny-jen-pecka-photography-38P I NI M A G E

Martin’s favorite thing about Jessica is her sense of humor.jessica-martin-engagement-pictures-binghamton-ny-jen-pecka-photography-42P I NI M A G Ejessica-martin-engagement-pictures-binghamton-ny-jen-pecka-photography-45P I NI M A G Ejessica-martin-engagement-pictures-binghamton-ny-jen-pecka-photography-48P I NI M A G Ejessica-martin-engagement-pictures-binghamton-ny-jen-pecka-photography-54P I NI M A G Ejessica-martin-engagement-pictures-binghamton-ny-jen-pecka-photography-56P I NI M A G E

I love how these two interact together. You can tell they’re the best of friends. jessica-martin-engagement-pictures-binghamton-ny-jen-pecka-photography-58P I NI M A G Ejessica-martin-engagement-pictures-binghamton-ny-jen-pecka-photography-59P I NI M A G Ejessica-martin-engagement-pictures-binghamton-ny-jen-pecka-photography-62P I NI M A G Ejessica-martin-engagement-pictures-binghamton-ny-jen-pecka-photography-73P I NI M A G E

Normally I try to only limit engagement session photos to maybe 10. I couldn’t help but share a ton with these two. They’re so photogenic and we took SO many pictures.jessica-martin-engagement-pictures-binghamton-ny-jen-pecka-photography-77P I NI M A G Ejessica-martin-engagement-pictures-binghamton-ny-jen-pecka-photography-100P I NI M A G Ejessica-martin-engagement-pictures-binghamton-ny-jen-pecka-photography-105P I NI M A G Ejessica-martin-engagement-pictures-binghamton-ny-jen-pecka-photography-117P I NI M A G Ejessica-martin-engagement-pictures-binghamton-ny-jen-pecka-photography-122P I NI M A G Ejessica-martin-engagement-pictures-binghamton-ny-jen-pecka-photography-129P I NI M A G E
jessica-martin-engagement-pictures-binghamton-ny-jen-pecka-photography-143P I NI M A G Ejessica-martin-engagement-pictures-binghamton-ny-jen-pecka-photography-152P I NI M A G Ejessica-martin-engagement-pictures-binghamton-ny-jen-pecka-photography-161P I NI M A G Ejessica-martin-engagement-pictures-binghamton-ny-jen-pecka-photography-164P I NI M A G Ejessica-martin-engagement-pictures-binghamton-ny-jen-pecka-photography-186P I NI M A G Ejessica-martin-engagement-pictures-binghamton-ny-jen-pecka-photography-188P I NI M A G Ejessica-martin-engagement-pictures-binghamton-ny-jen-pecka-photography-193P I NI M A G E

Jessica + Martin are getting married at The Orchard at Chenango Commons in Binghamton, NY on September 7th and I am so excited to capture this special day for them!

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